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First Impressions

First impressions may affect a personal or commercial relationship, including the likelihood of selling our home to a buyer.

It's important to understand that when we are selling a house, not all tastes are alike, especially in regards to decoration and color. With that in mind we suggest following these simple tips in order to provide the most pleasant experience for all parties.

1. Use the least amount of decoration within the living room and dining room.

2. The kitchen is of prime importance. Maintain clean and organized counters and breakfast bars. Smaller appliances should be stored out of sight, as well as dishes.

3. Bedrooms should have the beds made, clothes in the closet, and desks clutter free. Any toys or other belongings should be neatly organized or stored out of sight.

4. Backyards are especially important for buyers with children. Remove any pets from the area or restrain them with a leash during visits. It's also a great idea to open windows and air out the home if any pets live inside.

5. Bathrooms are all about cleanliness. The toilet seat and lid should be down and closed. All personal hygiene items and towels need to be stored in a cabinet or closet.

6. Scented candles may be lit or aromatic sprays can be used to freshen the home, although not in excess.

7. Before the broker arrives with a client open all of the curtains to showcase how bright the home is with natural light. Weather permitting, windows should also be opened to provide ventilation and fresh air.

8. Illuminate any dark areas with additional lighting.

With these basic tips the prospective buyer will have a better understanding of the possibilities and will more easily imagine his or her furniture, appliances and decorations within the home.

This first impression will reinforce the positive experience and assist you in closing the deal.